General Vehicle Performance Specs / Stats

Curb weight: approx 1300 lbs.
Zero to 60 mph: 2.82 seconds (source: Car & Driver magazine *)
Zero to 100 mph: 6.8 seconds (source: Autocar magazine * )
Zero to 100 mph to zero: 10.88 seconds (source: Autocar magazine *)
Quarter mile: 11.23 @ 119.6 mph (source: Car & Driver magazine *)
Lateral acceleration: 1.3g on street tires (source: Brammo testing)
Top speed: 152 mph (drag limited, optimum conditions)

* Numbers from Car & Driver Shootout article March 2007, Autocar magazine testing, and GM proving ground testing.  Model used for the tests had the 245 hp engine.

My Options / Configuration

Handbuilt by the talented craftsmen and engineers at Brammo Motorsports in Ashland Oregon
Mine is number 94 built in the USA
GM Ecotec 2.0 liter LSJ motor, 300 hp 250 ft lbs
Eaton M62 supercharger, helical roots-type
Getrag F35 transaxle with Quaife torque biasing differential
Ceramic coated equal-length tubular header and exhaust
  Upgraded: Three-inch diameter piping with Borla Sportsman straight-thru muffler.  Quick change ability to swap out Borla for a Cherry Bomb Vortex muffler (quieter).  Dynatech conical insert used to reduce volume even further.
Sport brake package (Wilwood 4-piston fixed front calipers, PBR single-piston floating rear), 10.3" rotors, Wilwood PolyMatrix pads
  Upgraded: Track brake package (Wilwood 4-piston fixed calipers, lightweight Wilwood 11" rotor/hat combo, Hawk DTC-70 pads),  F&R
Koni adjustable spring platform dampers, H&R springs
Billet aluminum steering rack (manual)
Black body panels
  Upgraded: Atomic Orange Metallic Tintcoat body panels w/ matching Southco Panex/Dzus fasteners
  Upgraded: Airbrushed Green True Fire body panels w/ mirror black powdercoated Southco Panex/Dzus fasteners
  Upgraded: Additional set of Airbrushed Copper Skull body panels w/ copper-painted Southco Panex/Dzus fasteners

Standard fenders
  Upgraded: Standard rear fenders, custom wider rear fenders to fit 295-width tires
Team Dynamics 12-spoke wheels, 15"
  Upgraded: Team Dynamics Pro-Race 2 12-spoke wheels, 15" front, 16" rear
  Upgraded: Team Dynamics Pro-Race 2 12-spoke wheels, 15" front, 17" rear
Hankook Ventus Z211 tires (205-50-15 front, 225-50-15 rear)
  Upgraded: Toyo R888 tires (205-50-15 front, 245-45-16 rear)
  Upgraded: Toyo R888 tires for street (205-50-15 front, 275-40-17 rear)
  Upgraded: Hoosier A6 tires for track (225-45-15 front, 295-35-17 rear)

Lexan side panel kit
Twin bubble windscreen
  Upgraded: Atom-3-spec dash panel with custom-fabbed windscreens
4-point Schroth harnesses
Road lighting package
Self-assembly option

Other non-factory additions:

AutoCom helmet-to-helmet intercom system
AeroForce interceptor scan gauge
Tilton brake bias adjuster
Ram Mount camera & GPS mounting hardware
Front and rear wings
Two-pass intake manifold end plate
Two-pass high-capacity supercharger heat exchanger
Bosch (Ford Lightning) supercharger coolant pump
Hot Lap lap timer system
Lightweight aluminum quick-change supercharger pulley

* Photos of most upgrades and any fabrication involved can be viewed in the gallery.